Kim Beckham, CLTC

Licensed Insurance Agent
Specializing in Long Term Care Insurance Solutions

Victoria, TX
Also Licensed in: AZ, IL, KS, MI, MO, NE, OK

Main Phone: 361-484-0851

Specializing exclusively in long term care planning for individuals and spousal/significant other discounts; executive carve out and employee/worksite applications providing underwriting concessions and group rates; tax qualified and state partnership plans where available.


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11 Reasons to Plan

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About ACSIA Partners LLC

ACSIA Partners LLC is one of the largest distributors of long term care and related insurance products and services in the country. We are dedicated to offering quality long term care education, service and resources for the benefit of the consumer, employers and our agents.

We work closely with the top LTCi companies, complementing their customer service. Through our excellent carrier relationships, we can provide education, planning recommendations and resources that best meet your individual needs.

We understand the financial and emotional stress that caregiving can place on a family. Working with a specialist that can provide solutions for long term care is the key. Long term care may be the single biggest financial risk that most Americans face – it could be the one thing that could force you to spend your retirement savings. ACSIA Partners specializes in analyzing every consumer’s individual needs and financial situation to select the best plan at an affordable premium.

We Provide Unbiased, Side-by-side Comparisons
Of the Leading Carriers in Your State
With Experts Specializing in Long Term Care Solutions!

ACSIA Partners passion is to provide our clients with the best long term care insurance solutions, customized to meet their needs.

Get a Quote Here or Call Kim Beckham, CLTC at 361-484-0851 to review available LTCI DISCOUNTS that may be available in your state.

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